A poem for Mrs Obama

Dear First Lady-Mrs Michelle Obama,

Peace be unto you. Well done. You made us all very proud.
Actually, we do need to direct our compliments to
Mother Robinson,she did a good job with you. Thank you
Mother Robinson.
To the First Family,we say thank you.

At smashwords.com "Journeying Upwards:A Collection of Poems"
by Leno Jerome--you will find poems that that are dedicated
to President Obama. You are a gem. Please do not fade away.
God bless.

(ms)Leno Jerome

This is for you.

"The Lovely Lady M"

She is the wind under his wings.
She is the beauty of stability.
She is gracious and gorgeous,
Poised, cool and collected.
She is ours “signed, sealed, and delivered.”
She has a million dollar smile---and
The best pair of limbs this side of Eden.
Who said you couldn't have everything?
First lady Michelle Obama has everything.
You can be like me she said:
First you start by growing your own veggies.
No pesticides please,
Lady bugs- ...acceptable
Butterflies -...acceptable,
Bees -............acceptable,
Drink plenty of water and forgo the pop.
Stay away from too much-
White flour,
And exercise, exercise.
Move it, move it.
If you want to look like Lady Michelle-
You’ve got to move it, move it.
Nothing sticking out here.
Nothing sticking out there.
Just move it, move it.
If you want to look like me,
You’ve got to move it, move it.
'Cause I’ve got a kick in my step.