After the Eclipse

Wow! It looked like the year 2017 was not too harsh until this third quarter.
What a year it is turning out to be and we are not done.

Here in Houston humanity was at its finest. The love that God gave us always seem to manifest
itself in disaster situations. We had no shortage of it. Perfect strangers became perfect friends
in no time. This was a big village scenario. A raising of the barn, so to speak. Everyone helping
everyone. It was so gratifying. Amidst the unspeakable destruction of Hurricane Harvey there is
still hope, even after the flood waters have gone.

The Networks TV gave wall to wall coverage with solid information and instructions. I am so pleased.

Then came Hurricane Irma and destroyed the Caribbean and Florida and so much of it. This is back to
back trouble for the Caribbean Islands with Maria finishing up the job. What are they going to do?
There is no FEMA- except perhaps for Puerto Rico. Lord have mercy. We are all here for them.

Mexico –my, my– so horrible with back to back earthquake plus Hurricane Katia. Mercy! We are here for you too.

That’s not all. Typhoons and monsoons in Asia. Sand storms in Africa. Wildfires caused by lightening in California and else where. It’s not over yet.