Happiness Day-March 20th, 2018

March 20th,2018 is designated as Happiness Day by the United Nations.
What is happiness? Happiness is Joy and joy is extreme happiness.
It is intrinsic and intangible, but essential quality for our state of being.

According to the UN the Nordic people rank highest on the happiness scale.
They are foundational in that they practiced from with in the parameters of the Fruits
of the Spirit. What are the Fruits of the Spirit you may ask.(Galatians 5:22, 23) Love,joy, peace,
long suffering ,gentleness,goodness,meekness and temperance.

They practiced the neighborly thing helping one another to pull up their boot straps.
This kind of behavior stems from a very deep inner place. They have tapped into the source
of the one that gives all good gifts. The love giver God, for God is love.

The wise man said “give me neither poverty nor riches”. In which case if one is too rich
he may look at the riches he accumulated and say who is God? Or if he is too poor and is
forced to steal to survive, then swears he did not do it.(it is not saying the poor and the rich-
are not grateful)

For the Nordic People it is safe to say that they are contented and less stressed. The society
mandates universal health care,(no medical or emergency bankruptcy here)
universal child care,
universal education,(no burdensome student loan)
paid parental leave,
paid vacation,
good wages,
proper housing, all of this even for the new arrivals.
It is no wonder then why they are so happy considering the cost in taxes,everyone benefits.