Ode to Winnie

Ode to Winnie

“Am I my brother’s keeper?”
Winnie Madikizela Mandela
affirmed-I am my husband’s
keeper- Nelson Mandela.

Never letting the world forget who he was,
where he was, (incarcerated on Robben Island)
and why ?

A woman who knew how to stand by her man.

Your activism, worriorism and sheroism kept
him alive all those years.

Finally you both emerged as Romeo and Juliet.

Much to our amazement the whole thing
went sour – died- why?

Is persecution a word we can say?

Persecuted to the max,
You stood strong determined like an ox,
with fortitude and defiance like a mule,
firm purposed and resolute – not a drole.

A woman of sorrow that could not be moved
yet attained maturity of eighty-one years approved.

Character assassination-
ensnared by lies, lies and more lies
and spies, then despised.

Something we never understood-
why he was check mated.

Now we know `they worked on him’
classic- divide and conquer.
If only he knew what a package meant.

Thanks to Independent Lens.

History will judge you right, but not in his sight.
Is there another Winnie in the world? Never!
Just one of a kind and irreplaceable,
the epitome of a strong, compassionate unbroken
black woman.  Fearless.

Winnie Madikizela Mandela- Mother of South Africa,
gone, but will not be forgotten.
What a wonder you were. Lioness- Mother of the pride.